About H5

The Safe Choice in E-Discovery and Technology-Assisted Review

H5 is the leading provider of e-discovery, technology-assisted review, and case preparation support. We help corporate counsel and their legal teams find the documents they need in the context of litigation, investigations and compliance, while ensuring that costs are contained, deadlines are met and risk is minimized.

Our experience, expertise and unique technology-enabled approach help protect corporate counsel and their law firms by reducing the risk of under- or over-producing, or missing critical documents.

H5 pioneered technology-assisted review over a decade ago, and today some of the largest and most respected Fortune 500 companies and AMLAW 200 law firms turn to H5.



“H5 is the only company that’s tackling the problem of search from a variety of angles and using the kinds of competencies that are required to solve a very, very complex problem.”

Raymond L. Ocampo Jr.
Retired General Counsel, Oracle Corporation