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A Panel Convenes to Re-envision the Corporate eDiscovery Playbook

An H5 on-demand webinar presents a new interpretation of the eDiscovery workflow, exploring automated and AI-enabled processes and technologies for maximizing efficiencies and reducing costs and risks that converge with other data management imperatives such as data privacy and privilege.

With the world in an accelerated state of change, many corporate legal departments are taking a hard look at internal operations with increasing focus on the convergence of information governance, compliance, privacy and other corporate initiatives.

How can automated and/or AI processes best be leveraged internally to advance the goals of each? What process efficiencies can be achieved?

While disruptive, the pandemic is fueling an opportunity to further consider, and perhaps even accelerate, the integration of processes and the use of more advanced technologies to manage corporate data—not just ways to tame it, but to leverage its power to be predictive. Although this is an evolving effort for most companies, COVID-19 has undoubtedly added a layer of urgency as perspectives on the use of advanced technologies has taken on a more compelling dimension.

These issues were the topic of a recent H5 webinar, Re-imagining the Next Generation Corporate eDiscovery Playbook, in which a panel of experts (Shawn Cheadle, Lockheed Martin Space; Jean-Francois Denis, SNC-Lavalin; Erin Hormozi, TIA; and Karla Wehbe, H5), moderated by  Sheila Mackay, H5 Managing Director, eDiscovery, considered both the current state of the eDiscovery workflow and a re-imagined interpretation of integrated processes that address both the convergence of today’s information governance and privacy imperatives and the challenges of voluminous and multi-source data pools. The ability to know where data resides and for what purpose is more important than ever and yet more difficult to ascertain, especially for the purposes of eDiscovery, where an added layer related to attorney-client privilege becomes part of the mix.

The panel, representing companies with legal operations at various stages of incorporating automation into their processes, aligned around recognition that the volume and velocity of data residing in multiple (and growing) data locations is subject to increasing security demands and that proactive data management is a necessary step in reducing risk and maximizing efficiencies within an organization. Their perspectives provided compelling insights into the challenges most companies face today.


Watch the video webinar to see and hear what the panel had to say about the next generation corporate eDiscovery playbook by clicking here.



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