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H5. Powering discovery, empowering counsel.

We find what you need so you can focus on the matter at hand.
Our experts combine domain knowledge and linguistic know-how with AI and other advanced technologies to help companies and their law firms defensibly reduce data volume and find the documents that matter in litigation and investigations.

Our Story


H5 began with the curiosity of experts seeking a better way to search.

In a garage near San Francisco more than 15 years ago, a group of linguists and computer experts developed an advanced search platform that they could use to find relevant electronic information with unparalleled speed and accuracy.

We were honored to cut our teeth with US intelligence, which first saw the promise of our approach to replicating and automating complex human judgments, and validated the accuracy of our processes. At the same time, we identified the legal industry as a vast opportunity and decided to focus our attention there.

So, in 2003, we became the first company to offer technology-assisted review as a service, before it was even called TAR. Then, at the request of several of our clients, we expanded our offerings to add processing, hosting, and production services. Today we are a full service eDiscovery company, but we’re unique in that we’re still grounded in our roots of using human expertise to drive highly-advanced technologies for search and data analysis.

Our Mission and Approach

Our Mission

Our mission is to support counsel in addressing the myriad challenges of electronic information by providing high-quality eDiscovery, information management, and advanced search, review and data analytics products and services.

With most communications today existing in the form of electronic data, highly specific expertise is required to address it, especially in the corporate legal and compliance environment. While counsel should be knowledgeable about the tools and technologies now available to help with the data involved in their matters, they needn’t be responsible for deploying or executing them.

Our Approach

Our team of linguists, data scientists and computational analysts do the work, leveraging H5’s own advanced search platform and other proprietary analytic and machine learning tools for document review and key document identification.

H5 works hand-in-hand with counsel as an extension of their case teams to deliver customized solutions that help corporations and law firms meet their legal discovery, compliance, and information management objectives.

Our name? Glad you asked.

For centuries, the inability to measure precise position at sea was one of the greatest scientific and commercial challenges, severely hampering exploration and commerce. The scientific establishment searched for an answer in the stars and lunar cycles, but a lone craftsman named John Harrison concluded that the solution lay in precise, synchronized timekeeping. After years of intense effort, he produced the world’s most accurate timepiece to date – Harrison’s Fourth Marine Chronometer, also known as H4. Using his chronometer, navigators opened the seas to global exchange at an unprecedented rate.

Today, exploration, discovery, and commercial productivity are hampered by another significant challenge: navigating a growing sea of electronic data. As a company with an entirely novel approach to this challenge, and with a nod to John Harrison, we chose to name our company H5.

H5 operates at the intersection of science, technology and services. Two values guide us: excellence in all that we do, and a commitment to stakeholders that, in the pursuit of commercial success, we will conduct ourselves well.

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