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Automate to Accelerate: H5 Matter Analytics® Product Briefing

Identifying and logging potentially privileged documents has long been a pain point in document review. Expensive and time-consuming, ad hoc privilege workflows are the norm in most situations. That all changes with a new release of H5 Matter Analytics, which automates the most labor-intensive parts of the privilege review workflow to expedite eDiscovery, reduce costs, and facilitate identification of potentially privileged information.

In this breakthrough product demonstration with H5 and Oasis Discovery, you’ll see how advanced privilege and email analytics are used to:

  • Automate identification of lawyers, lawyer communications, lawyer mentions and legal discussions
  • Create prioritized tiers of potentially privileged documents, including those that may be subject to privilege waiver
  • Provide visibility into privilege actors and content in subsumed and derived email message headers
  • Leverage sophisticated analytics with support, training and education for your team
  • Accelerate the subsequent review of documents with unique thread visualizations that enable document level, branch level, and thread level document coding.

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