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Defensible disposal of legacy data - 5 step plan

As data volume continues to grow, more and more companies are struggling with ways to manage it. Unfortunately, the default position is often to keep it all rather than try to figure it out.  It may seem easier and safer to keep everything forever, but such behavior creates an avoidable cost and unnecessary legal, regulatory and privacy risks. But disposing of something that may be valuable to the business or relevant to litigation creates a risk as well.

With so much data, who can tell what should be kept and what’s safe to throw away? That’s why “defensible disposal” is becoming such a hot topic in information management as those seeking to clean house search for acceptable solutions to this growing problem.  There are barriers to taking action, to be sure—almost anything else in the company takes budget priority these days—but holding on to legacy data can become a very costly problem to ignore.

Interestingly, the same technology-assisted review methodologies used to find responsive information in e-discovery can be applied to legacy data retention and disposal. Define the information that needs to be retained and it can be identified, segregated and preserved—and done safely if the tools are able to achieve high levels of accuracy. But first, companies will usually find that there is much work to be done on the front end of a clean-up effort, before technology-assisted review tools can be called upon, along with the appropriate experts, to work their magic. Once this work has been done, implementing the technology-assisted review solution for legacy data becomes that much easier.

Interested to learn more?  See H5 Executive Managing Director and General Counsel Julia Brickell’s “Legacy Data Clean-Up” for a 5-Step Plan to help you address the defensible disposal of legacy data.


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