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DESI VII Explores Identification and Protection of Sensitive Information

Upcoming Workshop at ICAIL 2017  to Explore Data Privacy & Protection in eDiscovery and Related Disciplines

It’s good to know that behind the scenes in eDiscovery there are groups of committed community members who strive to elevate thinking around best practices and innovations in the field, and we are happy to use True North to highlight their efforts. An upcoming noteworthy event that we’d like to plug once again is the DESI VII Workshop (London, June 12, 2017) at ICAIL 2017. (ICAIL stands for International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Law.)

The Workshop’s theme this year is “Using Advanced Data Analysis in eDiscovery & Related Disciplines to Identify and Protect Sensitive Information in Large Collections,” directly relevant to at least four application contexts:

  • eDiscovery in complex litigation
  • European Union (EU) privacy policies
  • Audits and internal investigations
  • Public access to government records

DESI VII call for papers

Protection of sensitive information in large data sets is an increasingly popular and relevant topic in the eDiscovery community, given the advent of General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) in the EU and the generally heightened awareness of PII as a point of legal vulnerability and ethical ambiguity in the US and abroad.

The DESI VII Keynote Address, “Selective Digital Amnesia,” will be presented by Maura Grossman and Gordon Cormack (University of Waterloo). In this paper, they address the challenge of differentiating between private and public information in large corpora, arriving at what they consider to be a reasonable and balanced solution to what is a significant and growing problem. They do this by comparing the efficacy of technology-assisted review (TAR) to an exhaustive manual review “conducted by the Virginia Senior State Archivist to identify restricted records among 400,000 email messages from the gubernatorial administration of Tim Kaine.”

Invited speakers Tim Gollins (National Records of Scotland) and Craig Macdonald (University of Glasgow) will pursue a similar theme in their presentation on “Assisting Digital Sensitivity Review of Government Records.”

As always, the DESI VII Workshop will focus on bringing together academic researchers and professionals in the field of eDiscovery to forge connections and engage in productive brainstorming and information sharing. The dialogue generated by panel discussions and “guided lunch table discussions” involving all Workshop attendees will be just as important to the success of the event as the formal presentations.

And, while the DESI Workshop has always been decidedly international, this year’s event will reflect that focus particularly strongly as a result of its themes and participants. Thus, we look forward to learning more about the submitted papers after the event concludes.

Learn more about the DESI VII Workshop at ICAIL 2017  here. 


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