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Ever Onward, Sedona!

To the Continued Realization of Richard Braman’s Vision

We were deeply saddened to learn, in early June of this year, of the passing of Richard Braman. We knew Richard, of course, as the founder of The Sedona Conference (TSC), but also as a uniquely insightful thought leader, always provocative discussion partner, and, most importantly, friend.  Richard is, and will be, missed.

We are heartened, however, by the commitment shown by TSC’s current leadership to the continuation of the mission Richard mapped out for the organization.  In a recent report on the state of Sedona*,  Executive Director Craig Weinlein reaffirmed that “the ‘new’ TSC is the same as the old TSC and its mission remains the same: to move the law forward in a reasoned and just way.”

Heartening also is the fact that, as Craig’s report makes clear, Sedona not only remains committed to the mission but also remains strong and vigorous in carrying it out.  The Working Groups all have important publications under way that will address urgent issues in their respective areas of the law.  Working Group 1 (on Electronic Document Retention and Production), in particular, of whose work H5 has long been a supporter, has several important publications in preparation, ranging from an update to the seminal Sedona Principles to a much-needed commentary on defining and executing upon attorney competence.

TSC serves as a unique forum in which we, both lawyers and non-lawyers, can come together and, via dialogue, not debate, address the pressing issues that challenge our profession and industry.  TSC’s publications and seminars have become indispensable “go-to” resources for bench, bar, and industry when changing technological and economic circumstances present new questions for the law.  There simply is no other organization equipped to fill the role played by Sedona.  We are glad that the current leadership is firmly committed to Richard’s vision and we are confident that, under their guidance, TSC will continue to lead the way in “moving the law forward in a reasoned and just way.”


*Letter from Craig Weinlein, Executive Director, The Sedona Conference, to Members and Friends of The Sedona Conference, August 7, 2014.


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