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H5 Announces Expansion of Keyword CLE Roadshow

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — H5, a leading provider of technology-assisted review and search services for the legal industry, today announced an expanded roadshow of its popular CLE offering, “Effective Keyword Culling: Practical Advice and Strategies from a Linguist.”

The CLE, led by Dan Brassil, one of H5’s top linguists, addresses the best ways attorneys today can use various keyword culling strategies to reduce collected document populations prior to review or production. Whether negotiating the criteria in advance with opposing counsel or employing these strategies unilaterally, the goal is to reduce the data population as much as possible while fulfilling the obligation to produce what is required.

Too often that goal is not fully met, leaving the legal team with too much to review and produce or putting at risk the defensibility of the production. H5’s one-hour CLE confronts these challenges head on, demonstrating how basic principles of linguistics and information retrieval science can be applied to substantially increase the accuracy of the keyword cull while reducing cost and risk. Topics include:

Classifying culling strategies and understanding their strengths and weaknesses
Search syntax and common pitfalls
Using linguistic and information retrieval principals to reduce false positives
Using linguistic and information retrieval principals to ensure coverage of the key issues

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