H5 Announces New Privilege Log Design Module to Enhance Privilege Log Building in H5 Matter Analytics®.

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New module assists with customizing and editing privilege logs from within Relativity, providing additional flexibility and accelerating the privilege logging process.


H5 today announced a new functionality now available in H5 Matter Analytics that expands H5’s Privilege Analytics solution by enhancing the process of creating privilege logs from within the H5 well-established Relativity®-integrated application. With customization features and reusable template generation for future privilege log creation, the new module expands the power of Privilege Analytics to accelerate the overall privilege review workflow.

The creation of privilege logs, which describe reasons for withholding items from production in a lawsuit under a claim of attorney-client privilege or work product protection, can be a tedious, expensive and labor-intensive process, especially given the large data volume that exists in many of today’s matters.

The new H5 Privilege Log Design Module simplifies and expedites the privilege logging process with clean name normalization outputs and automated, customizable privilege reasons assigned to each potentially-privileged document. Users benefit by having access to these integrated features from within Relativity or RelativityOne, instead of facing the chore of privilege log modifications later on.

“There are few technologies in the marketplace that effectively address privilege and privilege logging, which are huge costs in litigation,” said Jason Richard, H5’s Vice President of Products. “H5 Matter Analytics targets the most challenging parts of the privilege workflow, starting with advanced solutions for privilege content identification, continuing through to the creation, QC, and finalization of the privilege log. We’re very excited to leverage nearly 20 years of service and technology experience in this new release to help customers address the costs and risks associated with privilege review.”

The integration of the Privilege Log Design Module into H5 Matter Analytics Privilege Analytics expands the overall privilege review solution to include both the identification and classification of sensitive privileged information within the corporate network and the time-consuming chore of compiling details and reasons, easing the case team’s burden.

The new release of H5 Matter Analytics 2.7.3, which contains the Privilege Log Design Module, is now widely available.

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