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H5 Wins Relativity Innovation Award for Best Innovation: Solution Provider

H5 Matter Intelligence Recognized at Relativity Fest

We’re not ones to tout our successes on our blog, but we’re making an exception to announce that H5 Matter Intelligence has been designated the winner of the 2017 Relativity Innovation Award for Best Innovation: Service Provider. The award was presented to us at Relativity Fest this past Wednesday. H5 Matter Intelligence is an application that empowers our clients with integrated billing, collaboration and infrastructure monitoring tools.

“eDiscovery is a team sport,” said Jason Richard, H5’s Director of eDiscovery. “In every matter, you have multiple parties trying to act in concert to manage complex deliverables under tight deadlines while also trying to hold on to a budget for dear life. This requires transparency and close coordination. We developed H5 Matter Intelligence with those challenges top-of-mind.”

The Relativity Innovation Awards is an annual competition celebrating organizations that use Relativity in creative ways, solving difficult or unique challenges within and outside of e-discovery. According to Relativity, each innovation is evaluated on its time and cost savings, comprehensive use of the Relativity platform, uniqueness, and how seamlessly it’s integrated into Relativity workflows and user experience.

“When we first started using Relativity back in 2009, we began to understand the potential of this dynamic platform,” said Jason. “Our efforts now are an acknowledgment of Relativity’s ingenuity and leadership role in the industry.”

H5’s primary focus has been providing our unique technology-assisted review and key document identification services to our clients. At their request, we began expanding our eDiscovery services in 2009 to become a full-service eDiscovery company so that they could avail themselves of our flagship service more readily. Client satisfaction and the success of that expansion into more diverse services provided the incentive to further innovate, giving rise to H5 Matter Intelligence.

The recognition of this effort by Relativity is truly gratifying, and we plan to continue the development of products that serve the eDiscovery community!

Learn more about H5 Matter Intelligence and its place in the Relativity Ecosystem.

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