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H5'ers Volunteer Once Again, Digging In to Keep Golden Gate Park Beautiful

A team of H5 volunteers once again joined the ongoing effort to keep Golden Gate Park beautiful, this time by digging into the weeds at Robin Williams Meadow. Their collective efforts made a solid impact on the environment, allowing current trees to thrive and make way for new trees.

“We had such a great time when we worked in the Rose Garden last year, we were delighted to come back and contribute these hours in Robin Williams Meadow,” said Seda Akay Onur, a member of the H5 team. “It’s always great to work with the team and we really enjoy doing this together. I know we’ll be back again.”

The San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department offers numerous, diverse volunteer activities among the city’s more than 225 parks and recreation facilities, providing residents the opportunity to make an invaluable contribution to the city’s culture and habitat. Activities include everything from planting trees in Golden Gate Park, teaching Zumba at a local Rec Center, or painting faces at special events.

H5 thanks the San Francisco Recreation and Parks department for allowing us to participate!



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