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Healthcare Industry Matters

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HSR Second Request for Fortune 500 Health Insurance Provider

Situation: A Fortune 500 health insurance provider was facing a fast-approaching deadline from the U.S. Department of Justice for producing documents related to a high-stakes planned merger. Yet, in order to comply with the DOJ’s request, over 31.5 TBs of data from 137 custodians needed to be collected, processed, filtered, and reviewed.

H5’s Value: After intake and processing of approximately 70 million documents from over 170 separate media sources, H5 achieved a 70% reduction in data volume through de-duplication and filtering. In parallel, in preparation for the next stage of work, H5 advised counsel and the DOJ on the most efficient TAR protocol and production schedule given the existing regulatory requirements, timelines, and data volumes. H5 ultimately completed the entire review within three months identifying approximately five million of the original 70 million documents as responsive. H5 also provided the client a potential privilege screen to accelerate selection of the final production set. Post review, H5 managed the imaging, endorsement, and production of nearly five million documents within two months.

Upshot: H5 managed an incredibly complex set of data and regulatory requirements, providing end-to-end discovery services meeting the client’s timeline and budget, while delivering highly accurate work product.

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False Claims Act Matter

Situation: A Fortune 100 health insurance provider was pursuing an internal investigation involving potentially improper diagnosis practices undertaken by a wholly-owned provider group. The scope of the investigation included analysis of reimbursements processed across 20+ disease categories potentially triggering False Claims Act violations.

 H5’s Value:  H5 experts in Key Document Identification worked with counsel to understand the specific allegations at issue, then subsequently tailored searches to uncover instances of fraud or wrongdoing. On a weekly basis, H5 delivered a streamlined set of documents responding to counsel’s evolving theory of the case. Over the course of five months, in addition to keeping pace with ongoing requests, the H5 team re-executed previous searches to address waves of new data rolling in midway through the engagement. In total, H5 delivered a targeted set of approximately 4,500 documents from a total of 2.3 million documents in the review set.

 Upshot: H5 provided the case team a stream of targeted deliveries related to a variety of specific diagnosis and reimbursement issues under investigation. H5 deliveries enabled the case team to develop a comprehensive understanding of the pertinent risk areas and ultimately complete the investigation.

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