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IaaS: Leveraging Expert Services for Efficiency and Security

As security threats and ESI complexities increase, IaaS and multi-tenant solutions look more and more attractive.

Litigation data repositories can be a challenge for any law firm or corporation to manage. Whether in-house or externally hosted, they require significant care and feeding, especially as regulatory requirements, security concerns and complexities of the ESI environment increase.

While some law firms and corporations have made a strategic decision to maintain data in-house, others seek relief by opting for an infrastructure-as-a service (IaaS) approach, turning over responsibility for data hosting to an outside provider. With this model, the required technological infrastructure and security is in the hands of experts who can consolidate and leverage required services at a reduced cost, passing along savings to end user. In addition, a new technology called multi-tenancy enables IaaS providers to serve multiple customers securely in a single system.

Jason Richard, H5’s director of eDiscovery, was recently interviewed by Anusha Asokan of kCura on the topic of IaaS and multi-tenancy, providing valuable insight into the pros and cons of an outsourced solution. If IaaS is on your radar, you’ll find it very informative. The interview can be found here.
For more information on H5’s IaaS and multi-tenant solutions, click here.
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