Message from H5 Regarding COVID-19.


As many of you work through the disruptions caused by COVID-19, we want you to know that H5 is with you.

Although we have not experienced, nor do we foresee, any material impact to the delivery of H5 services due to COVID-19, we know that some of our clients and partners face business or workflow challenges. If you are experiencing such challenges, we are committed to bringing our creativity, resources, and long-standing remote-enabled solutions to help meet those challenges.


We are committed to ensuring business continuity while providing a safe environment for our employees during this pandemic. Thanks to the nature of our technology platform and services, as well as long-established procedures, our employees are already able to work remotely. They have the needed resources and tools, workflows, project management, remote-work experience, and communication protocols to provide uninterrupted services to our clients from their home offices, while meeting all applicable security and regulatory requirements.

Additionally, we have plans and procedures in place to enable a select number of employees to safely address the limited set of activities that require a physical presence, including accepting and sending physical deliveries of media, physical upkeep of servers and infrastructure, and other critical operations.


As always, we will seek to support our clients and partners in every way we can, while being effective and efficient in communications, in order to enable them to remain focused on their business priorities. In this respect, we have convened an internal working group to coordinate and optimize communications across H5 and with our clients. We are confident that the management structures and policies we have in place will enable us to continue to deliver on our commitments as well as support the safety of our employees and communities.


Security is always at the top of the list. Since many of our employees work remotely as a matter of course, H5 has a mature security and compliance program for virtual operations already in place. Our security and compliance protocols are strictly maintained and we, as always, remain alert to any unforeseen circumstances.


We adhere, and encourage adherence to the guidelines emanating from the expert authorities, and look forward to a time when restrictions can be lifted. In the meantime, stay safe and be well.

On Behalf of the Entire H5 Team,
Nicolas Economou, Chief Executive Officer