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Nicolas Economou Speaks about AI and Criminal Justice on National Judicial College Panel

A Conversation About Artificial Intelligence, Fairness, and the Criminal Justice System

A webinar produced by the National Judicial College in partnership with H5

Artificial intelligence presents tantalizing opportunities but also commensurate risks to advancing fairness, access to justice, and equality before the law in the criminal justice system. In this interactive webinar, the expert panel will examine the salient implementations of AI in the criminal justice context and the opportunities, risks, and ethical challenges that AI presents in this context. In addition, the panel will

Nicolas Economou Speaks about AI and Criminal Justice on National Judicial College Panel
Nicolas Economou

discuss the emerging frameworks that courts and practitioners can avail themselves of to assess the extent to which such systems should be trusted (or mistrusted) to advance both the functions of law and the values that animate the law, in particular through the prism of fairness. To enable a practical understanding of the complex ethical issues involved, the seminar will begin with a case study involving AI-enabled systems in Criminal Risk Assessment.

Hon. Herbert B. Dixon, Jr. (Ret), Senior Judge, Superior Court of the District of Columbia.

Nicolas Economou, CEO, H5; Chair, Law Committee, IEEE Global Initiative on Ethics of Intelligent and Autonomous Systems
Hon. Katherine B. Forrest (Ret), former U.S. Judge, Southern District of New York
Lily Hu, Fellow, Digital Ethics & Governance, Jain Family Institute
Rashida Richardson, Visiting Scholar, Rutgers Law School

This webinar was produced in partnership with H5.


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