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Nuix and H5 Announce Strategic Partnership to Streamline Classification of Corporate Data

The strategic partnership marries H5 advanced document classification solutions and Nuix processing engine

[November 5, 2020] – H5 announced today that it has teamed up with Nuix to integrate its document classification solutions with the market-leading Nuix processing engine. This strategic partnership will allow corporations to gain greater control of their data, prioritize downstream review and reduce the risks associated with sending data outside of the organization.

Starting with the identification of privileged content and personally identifiable information (PII), this partnership enables H5 to expand its ability to identify and classify such documents behind the corporate firewall.  Protecting sensitive data is business critical for many corporations driven in part by the rise of new regulatory requirements, data breaches and continued comp

Nuix and H5 Announce Strategic Partnership to Streamline Classification of Corporate Data

lexity in eDiscovery.  However, for many corporations finding and categorizing PII and privilege data in the context of eDiscovery is a headache filled with manual processes and workarounds.

Since 2018, H5 has addressed this issue with the development of applications that automate PII identification and privilege workflows. With this strategic partnership, H5 will extend its ability to provide these applications and future data classification solutions directly where the data resides within the corporation.

“For the past few years, we have focused on developing data classification solutions that give our customers greater control and flexibility in discovery for litigation and investigations,” said Jason Richard, Vice President of Products at H5. “Our strategic partnership with Nuix continues that momentum, enabling our customers to classify data in a way that best suits their strategies—whether it’s sending data directly to H5, utilizing our award-winning H5 Matter Analytics® platform, or classifying data in place.”

“We are thrilled to announce the expansion of the Nuix relationship with H5” said Chris Pogue, Head of Partner Connect at Nuix.  “The increasing size and diversity of data volumes introduced by modern eDiscovery and investigations are sufficiently complex such that previously successful workflows are proving insufficient.  The enhanced capabilities introduced by the H5 / Nuix partnership equips our joint customers with the solutions they need to meet this new landscape head on, with full confidence that they are supported by the most advanced technology anywhere in the industry.”


About H5

H5 ( helps corporations and law firms find and manage the documents that matter in litigation and investigations by providing AI, analytics and linguistics solutions to address the complex challenges created by electronic data. With expertise in eDiscovery, technology-assisted review, search, and data classification H5 is committed to helping clients find and manage the information they need to win cases, meet regulatory requirements and address risks by providing creative solutions that ensure fast, accurate, cost-effective results. H5 was ranked a Band 1 eDiscovery Provider by Chambers and Partners in 2019 and 2020.

About Nuix

Nuix ( creates innovative software that empowers organizations to simply and quickly find the truth from any data in a digital world. We are a passionate and talented team, delighting our customers with software that transforms data into actionable intelligence and helps them overcome the challenges of litigation, investigation, governance, risk and compliance.

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