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Accelerate review, evaluate the quality and composition of your productions, and know more faster with H5 Matter Analytics, the Relativity®-integrated solution to assist you in creating efficiencies and managing workflow—all with the ability to preview the results before making a purchase decision.
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    eMail Threading and Near Duplicate Identification.

    • Streamline review by identifying email thread relationships using advanced algorithms to improve the efficacy of threading relationships when compared to traditional solutions
    •  Group similar documents for faster review with flexible near-duplicate identification combined with Relativity’s document compare tool to identify differences
    • Reduce volume by identifying exact content duplicates that may contain only formatting differences which traditionally cause hash differences during processing
    •  Preview the results of threading and near duplicate identification in a data set before you incur any fees, allowing you to first assess the expected value
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    The H5MA eMail Thread Viewer.

    • Trace email communications as they flow and branch, with the ability to review the messages as a single communication stream
    • Gain a contextual understanding of who communicated with whom, including when participants were added or removed
    • Apply coding decisions to individual messages, select branches, or entire thread groups
    • QC coding decisions through a summary view of messages and branches of threaded conversations with enhanced contextual understanding of what has been coded and why
    • Enable quick access to name and email address variations via H5’s powerful Name Normalization feature (see below)
    • Streamline priv review and logging by combining Name Normalization with the Thread Viewer, with color-coded overlays highlighting attorneys and third parties in communications
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    Name Normalization.

    • Link different name variations and email addresses to a single individual via an automated Name Normalization process
    • Format names uniformly for email participants by configuring name order, capitalization, and even professional suffixes
    • Normalize names of the participants in an individual email, or aggregate the normalized participants that appear across the full thread group
    • Leverage People Profile pages to add details about individuals and their roles, which can then be incorporated into the H5 Thread Viewer to color code individuals by their function, visually assisting review activities, such as privilege review (e.g., highlighting attorneys, third parties, etc.)
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    Metadata Made Actionable.

    • Streamline reviews by quickly identifying mass email communications
    • Focus case preparation research on narrower bands of communication, such as 1:1 emails
    • Simplify search activity and Privilege Log creation by normalizing names of individuals in a data population
    • Set aside or exclude signature images, embedded objects, and other heavily duplicative content through the use of duplicate file counts
    • Remediate data populations with missing or incomplete metadata, such as inbound productions or scanned documents, by auto-detecting and populating email metadata fields
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    Advanced Analytics for Privilege Review.

    • Prebuilt classifiers to automate identification of law firms and legal concepts
    • Customizable rules to tag and tier potentially privileged data, create privilege reasons (default setting also provided) and detect potential privilege waivers
    • Automated exclusion  of detected disclaimers and boiler plate language
    • Advanced name normalization technology to tackle lawyer name variations
    • Proprietary email thread viewer that eliminates duplicate content, enables nuanced coding decisions at message, branch and thread level and clearly identifies where lawyers and 3rd parties enter and exit conversations, drawing from top-level and subsumed email headers.
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    Personal Data Detection.

    • Quickly analyze data sets for categories of personally identifiable information (PII) content (e.g., passport IDs, social security numbers, credit card numbers) to assist in understanding the sensitive data characteristics
    • Identify document and form types that often contain PII, such as IRS forms and resumes
    • Prioritize identified  documents in tiers based on the likelihood of PII content, organized by PII data type

    Explore H5MA PII Identification 

This is the first product I’ve seen in a long time that truly starts with the end-user in mind. The fact that H5 Matter Analytics was developed by a well-respected service provider gives it a tremendous advantage.  You can tell immediately that it was designed by experts that use it daily.

Brandon Law CEO, Oasis Discovery