H5 Matter AnalyticsSM.


Know more faster with results-driven analytics.

Accelerate review, evaluate the quality and composition of your productions, and know more faster with H5 Matter Analytics, the Relativity®-integrated solution to assist you in creating efficiencies and managing workflow—all with the ability to preview the results before making a purchase decision.


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    Uncover document relationships with email threading and near-duplicate identification.

    • Streamline review by identifying email thread relationships using advanced algorithms to improve the efficacy of threading relationships when compared to traditional solutions
    • Group similar documents for faster review with flexible near-duplicate identification combined with Relativity’s document compare tool to identify differences
    • Reduce volume by identifying exact content duplicates that may contain only formatting differences which traditionally cause hash differences during processing
    • Preview the results of threading and near duplicate identification in a data set before you incur any fees, allowing you to first assess the expected value
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    Metadata made actionable.

    • Streamline reviews by quickly identifying mass email communications
    • Focus case preparation research on narrower bands of communication, such as 1:1 emails
    • Simplify search activity and Privilege Log creation by normalizing names of individuals in a data population
    • Set aside or exclude signature images, embedded objects, and other heavily duplicative content through the use of duplicate file counts
    • Remediate data populations with missing or incomplete metadata, such as inbound productions or scanned documents, by auto-detecting and populating email metadata fields
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    Personal data detection.

    • Quickly analyze data sets for categories of personally identifiable information (PII) content (e.g., passport IDs, social security numbers, credit card numbers) to assist in understanding the sensitive data characteristics
    • Identify document and form types that often contain PII, such as IRS forms and resumes
    • Prioritize identified  documents in tiers based on the likelihood of PII content, organized by PII data type

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