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Save Time, Reduce Risk, and Rest Easy with H5 Matter Analytics® Privilege Logging!

In this breakthrough product demonstration, you’ll see how H5 Matter Analytics combines its powerful solutions for privilege identification with a new Privilege Log design module to simplify and expedite the privilege logging process, while reducing risk with key insights into logged content.

The demo will show how H5 Matter Analytics:

  • Automates the identification of lawyers, legal agents, and other privilege actors, as well as 3rd parties that may create privilege waivers
  • Combines H5 Matter Analytics Privilege Analytics results and Name Normalization output with privilege review tagging to develop your privilege log
  • Mitigates risk during the Privilege Logging process with more insights of who’s present in your logged communications at the top of the message and subsumed message headers
  • Easily combines fields, adjusts formatting, and creates conditional rules for your privilege descriptions – and more
  • Ensures consistency with reusable templates
  • Does all of this right inside of Relativity!

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