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Whether it’s to help improve your keyword search, validate workflow or QC protocols to ensure defensibility, provide expert testimony, develop information governance alternatives or just plain brainstorm, we can help.

Keyword Consulting

Make every keyword count.

Attorneys today use various culling strategies to reduce collected document populations prior to review or production. Too often that goal is not fully met, leaving the legal team with too much to review and produce, or putting at risk the defensibility of their production.

H5 is the legal industry’s go-to firm for linguistic search experts. Whether you need a few hours of advice or a team to design and execute a culling strategy for you, we have the experts to help you:

  • Modify a keyword list for volume reduction
  • Build a defensible list to identify a target collection
  • Negotiate from a position of strength
  • Justify your process to the bench

Protocol Consulting

Ensure defensibility. (Yours and theirs).

The increasing use of software tools by attorneys and in-house personnel to cull or review data can have significant defensibility pitfalls if sampling or review protocols aren’t adequate.

H5’s primary expertise is in the science of information retrieval (search), so sampling and precision and recall measurements are second nature to us. We can (and routinely do) advise on the quality of your—or your opposition’s—production with regard to:

  • Defensible review accuracy quality assessment protocols
  • Review tool sampling protocols
  • Precision and recall measurements
  • Incoming production gap analyses

Information Governance Consulting

Manage your most important asset before it becomes a liability.

Data preservation and defensible deletion are corporate imperatives ripe for technological solutions.
H5 Technologies® offers topical consulting, alone or in conjunction with our suite of enterprise products and services (H5 EDGE® Enterprise). These products can classify and segregate corporate information to enable accurate retention decisions so you can keep what you need and dispose of what you don’t.

Learn more about H5 EDGE and how we help with Information Governance


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