Key Document Identification.

Looking for needles in haystacks of data?
Think of us as a super magnet.

For any matter, there’s a big difference between what’s relevant and what’s important. Our search experts can quickly pinpoint and deliver a highly curated set of the best documents on topics of interest to the case team so you can spend your time on legal analysis and crafting legal strategy.

How you benefit...

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    Avoid surprises with early insights.

    For any matter, possession of critical facts early can make all the difference. After all, that’s how you gain the insights necessary for strategic planning and time-sensitive or litigate-settle decisions. Conducting random searches for what you think might be important, or repeated wading through partially reviewed data collections doesn’t exactly move things along.

    H5 changes all that, serving up the facts you need quickly. Our linguistic experts know how to cull and organize data, zeroing in on what’s important and ignoring what’s not, right from the beginning. Regardless of matter size or budget, H5 helps maximize your investment and minimizes the risk of missing critical information.

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    Find critical evidence.

    A review for production is one thing. Finding critical evidence is another. Searching through today’s data collections for information that will make a difference is not for the faint of heart. Even the most talented case teams could fall short, simply because they don’t have the sophisticated tools or processes required to interrogate complex data sets. We do.

    Let us amaze you. We’ve spent more than a decade working with case teams and honing proprietary tools for just this reason. Like surgeons with scalpels, our experts use both linguistics and technology to target what lies within the data and extract what you need to support your case, all the way through depositions and trial.

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    Focus on the matter, not the tools.

    Predictive coding tools may seem tempting, but why should you be learning and managing purchased software and workflows, and complex ones at that? Wouldn’t you rather be knee-deep in legal strategy? We have tools at our disposal that you don’t have, so we can quickly do things you can’t. (For example: Email chain analytics. Sentiment analysis. Clustering. Near-dupe recognition. Supplementation of metadata from the text. Subject matter filtering. Keywords in context. Complex search results across millions of documents in under 30 seconds. Things like that.)

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    Optimize results, reduce costs.

    The bottom line is that the right technology in the right hands helps cut to the chase, giving you what you need to gain that all-important edge. With appropriate data reduction and targeted data interrogation by our experts, you can have the critical information early in the matter and leave the irrelevant behind, resulting in cost-savings and reduced risk.

What's the story? We can help you know.


Analyze the opposing’s production to uncover patterns of potential underproduction of email or certain filetypes and/or unexpected trends during critical timeframes.

Correlate discussion of subject matter to dates to strengthen and fill gaps in the fact chronology. H5’s tools make it possible to search metadata as content.

Correlate custodians and relevant documents to potentially identify previously unknown witnesses.

Identify emotionally charged communication—aggression, anger, concern, confusion—even attempts to conceal information.

Discover witness vulnerabilities via rapid identification of documents that undermine or make suspect witness credibility.

When you talk about cost-effectiveness of any kind of retrieval scheme, you’ve got to consider the cost of missing a critical document that will make the case completely come together. The advantage of H5’s approach is in finding the documents that most techniques would actually miss.

John Seeley Brown, Ph.D. Former Chief Scientist, Xerox Corporation; Former Director, Xerox PARC