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    2017-04-26 16:11:31
    Helping Litigators Win with Key Document Identification (KDI)

    Litigators need facts—the earlier in the matter, the better. Learn how Key Document Identification (KDI), in the hands of the right search experts, can help lawyers target the critical data needed to make to make vital decisions early on, prepare for depositions and trial, and gain the advantage in litigation.

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    2017-04-13 12:52:23
    How H5 Leverages Relativity and Key Document Identification for their Clients

    Chris Dale of the eDisclosure Information Project interviews H5's Erika Namnath about leveraging the power of Relativity and H5's Key Document Identification to help clients gain the advantage in handling litigation and investigations.

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    2016-09-20 09:42:15
    Case Studies
    Finding Hot Documents in Litigation Document Review

    Case Study: Finding Hot Documents in Litigation Document Review - Learn how H5 helped counsel find the hot documents they needed in a complex patent litigation between two major technology companies.