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    2021-02-03 16:44:32
    The Next Step is Now in Privilege Review

    It is time to look beyond the keyword list paradigm for privilege review to include more sophisticated tools and methods that can be applied across assets, practice groups, firms, or lines of business. Learn why.

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    2020-07-15 12:55:34
    Expanding Roles and Comfort Zones: How Corporate Counsel Can Meet Data Imperatives Head-On

    In this webinar, H5 explores with an expert panel the role of corporate legal professionals as they address the demands of internal data initiatives, including how best to leverage synergies and tie initiatives to cross-functional strategies.

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    2020-05-26 14:49:59
    Re-envisioning the Next Generation Corporate eDiscovery Playbook

    In this webinar, H5 presents a new interpretation of the eDiscovery workflow, exploring with an expert panel automated and AI-enabled processes and technologies for maximizing efficiencies and reducing costs and risks that converge with other data management imperatives such as data privacy and privilege.

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    2020-01-31 12:50:52
    H5 Matter Analytics Privilege Brief

    Automate manual privilege review tasks in your hosted Relativity® environment to control costs and risks associated with privilege review. New capabilities in H5 Matter Analytics® replace error-prone, time-consuming manual tasks that have long prevented advances in privilege review cost and risk containment.