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Karla Wehbe

Director, Legal and Compliance Business Solutions

Karla Wehbe is a forward-thinking, experienced legal process and technology manager, skilled at improving processes and developing holistic solutions in the corporate realm.  As Director, Legal and Compliance Business Solutions, she leverages her experience as a liaison between business, legal, and IT functions to help companies identify and manage the myriad issues stemming from the accumulation of electronic data. Her work has included the design and implementation of a global cross-functional eDiscovery program to provide a defensible process throughout the litigation lifecycle, from data preservation and collection to document review and analysis, through data disposition, and she frequently collaborates with legal teams on case strategy and the efficient utilization of litigation tools and methodologies.

Karla attended the Sorbonne-Pantheon School of Law in Paris, France as a Ph.D candidate, and has a Masters in Business Law, with honors, from the Sorbonne-Paris II, Assas School of Law.  Prior work history includes positions at Bechtel and major US law firms.