Why H5?

Expertise, technology, commitment.

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    There’s no other firm like ours. Seriously.

    We don’t sell TAR software. We provide results. The winning combination is expertise and technology, and we have plenty of both. H5 provides search and data analytics as a service. We do all of the heavy lifting while you reap the benefits, including significant time and cost savings. Whether it’s documents for a production or evidence for an investigation or trial, if you need it, we find it. Explore our services

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    Unrivaled expertise in our field.

    Complex search and data analytics is a profession at the intersection of linguistics, statistics and computer science and we have the requisite expertise in these areas. Our team, comprising senior engagement managers, linguists, lawyers, data scientists, expert researchers and other information retrieval experts, is uniquely skilled at quickly finding the signal within the noise. We complement and work alongside your case team, serving as your search and data analysis partner, providing accurate, defensible results. Meet our experts

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    Commitment and focus.

    We’re information retrieval geeks and problem solvers. We love what we do, and we’re not distracted by aspects of the litigation or investigation that your team must think about daily. We can devote ourselves entirely to finding what you need to support your efforts, even during deposition and trial, and we have the best tools at our disposal to do it.

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    A proprietary platform unique in the industry.

    We’ve spent more than 15 years building a proprietary platform that includes advanced tools — both algorithmic and rules-based — for our own expert users, leaving you to focus on the matter you face. We’re fully prepared to manage data volume, variety and complexity, so we can provide you the information you need, when and as you need it, accurately and defensibly. The accuracy of our platform and process has been validated in the National Institute of Standards and Technology TREC Legal Track studies. See TREC results

“H5 has a new way of thinking about technology. There’s a technological base to H5’s approach, but it’s a systems approach bringing people and computers together. It’s that combination that yields the surprising accuracy that I’ve seen in H5’s results.”

avatar Mitchell P. Marcus, Ph.D RCA Professor of Artifical Intelligence, Former Chair Computer & Info. Science, University of Pennsylvania

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